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Theatre Club Kids was established 15 years ago and is now offering classes for children aged 4 to 18+ at Meryfield School, Borehamwood.

Our main focus is offering the children a very varied performance experience, we achieve this through regular shows, cabaret evenings and charity work.

Each year all of our classes perform individual shows, as well as taking part in a large Christmas show, which involves all of our students.

Children are taught drama, singing and a wide variety of dance styles, such as jazz, lyrical, street and contemporary.
We do not audition children for the school, and welcome all abilities. We have wide experience of working with children with special needs and all of our shows and performances are fully inclusive, giving all of our students the opportunity to take part.

We feel that even if children do not wish to make a career in the performing arts, THEATRE CLUB KIDS enables them to have fun, gain performing experience and, more importantly, become far more confident all round.

However, as both Jessica and David (our  teachers) have a considerable and varied experience in professional theatre, this enables them to prepare children to the highest possible standard, should they have the ability and the aspiration to pursue a career in the arts.